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(16 October 2004) - Another quick update to let you know that the Burkland streamliner set a new AA/BFS record at 417.020 MPH at the World Finals, thus eclipsing the late Nolan White's record. More details here.
Regarding models, the Shadoff has been added to the gallery of early streamliners to be issued in the SPEEDONsalt range.

(22 August 2004) - Just a short note to let you know that I have updated the models to come page, with some new projects and some tentative release dates for those models on which we are already working. I wish to make it clear that although it may take a long time (do not forget I am a one man company while Omicron and Tom are even part-timers), we do intend to release all the models listed, health and finance permitting, so bear with us and help us finance future releases by ordering what we have in production!
Of course, I did not forget my (too early!) announcement of a special version of Al Teague's streamliner, to celebrate their last successful run at the World Finals 2002, when Al set a FIA International record for class 10 (up to 8.000 cc) at almost 406 MPH: quite simply, The Phoenix proved a lot more time consuming than planned and there was no time! More about this project soon (hopefully!)

(14 July 2004) - The land speed racing community has lost another of his heroes: Carl Heap, the owner and driver of The Phoenix diesel truck died last week after a long and brave fight against cancer, finally rejoining his friend and partner Rob Slagle, who died in 1998. Carl had been a very popular Bonneville charachter ever since he and Rob had first showed up with their unlikely oil-burning "thing" on the Salt Flats. Over the years the couple had gained the respect and admiration of all their fellow racers and their black-smoke-tailed streamlined truck had become a real star on the salt and the team's green tent one of the most crowded spots at any time of the day in the pits area.
Ever since I first met them at Black Rock in 1997 (on the way back from World of Speed they brought their own "mean machine" over to compare with the one from Britain...) I decided I wanted to model The Phoenix: I am proud I did and I am glad Carl could see it and realise how much he was loved and admired even overseas in ol' Europe.

(26 April 2004) - Effective immediately, the price of The Phoenix diesel truck model has changed (see price list).
I am aware this will make the price of this model even more unrealistic in today's economy dire straits, specially for those of you who pay in dollars, but I had no choice. Costs for this particular model were double than for the average of my other models and the building time is far longer than expected, in fact also double than for any other of my models: The price was kept as low as possible, counting on the usual percentage of direct sales to collectors, but for some reason this percentage has been muchlower than usual, and the trade price alone did not cover expenses, so it had to be raised and the retail price had to be also raised accordingly.
If you want to know more about how this works and how you can help prices to be kept as low as possible by buying direct, read here.
The Phoenix is still, in my humble opinion, my best model so far (or maybe a close second to Spirit of America...), so I know you will not be disappointed if you decide to hold your breath and order one!
All other prices will remain unchanged: some are unchanged since 1996, so you know I do not raise prices lightly and the reason for this single price increase is based on necessity.

Regarding Omicron, you will see from the price list that while some earlier models are no longer available (production run completed), most other models are "currently not available". It means that production is on hold, but parts are still in stock and those models will be available again as soon as Omicron will have solved some problems they currently have. This does NOT apply to model 10, Infinity jet car, which is in fact 90% a Fadini model and is assembled here at my workshop. Plans for new Omicron models are also on hold at the moment.

(22 January 2004) - Deliveries of The Phoenix have now started, albeit very slowly, due mainly to the very complicate decals. The time-consuming process and the high cost of mouldings and decals are unfortunately reflected in the price, but remember the run is of just 200 numbered pieces.
First deliveries are going to owner/driver Carl Heap himself, who was very happy with the result and has ordered quite a few for the team.
All other projects are currently on hold, as it will take a few months for me to build the trucks: remember, I am a one-man-company!

A small run of the famous and now retired Al Teague's streamliner will be released in the spring: it will depict the car during its last run at the World Finals in 2002 when it closed an extraordinary 26-year racing career setting a FIA International record for class 10 (up to 8.000 cc) at the astonishing speed of almost 406 MPH on the flying mile and 654 km/h on the kilo. Models will come on a base hand signed by Al Teague.

(16 December 2003) - It took longer, much longer than anticipated (I guess you know about Murphy's law!), but the model of The Phoenix diesel truck, the fastest diesel vehicle on earth is at long last ready. The first sample has been completed, photos have been taken and posted on the model page and in a few days the first batch will be ready to go. Of course it is Christmas time by now, so the first deliveries will be after the holidays. But if you want to be among the first to receive it, please send in your order now!
I did not post a price yet, because I still have to figure out what the actual building time is and I need to build a few to know. I will keep it as low as possible, but let's face it, because of size, number of decals etc this one will be more expensive than my other models.
I confess I am very happy with the result and I am anxiously waiting for Carl Heap's verdict. Carl is the bulder, owner and brave driver of this incredible vehicle. Read all about Carl and The Phoenix in the updated and enlarged history page.

(12 October 2003) - Not much new, but sample mouldings for The Phoenix diesel truck should be in any day now. Unfortunately decals will be late as they require more work than I hoped, so release date is postponed again to mid-november. In the meantime you can warm up reading the story of this incredible vehicle.

(28 August 2003) - Great news from Speed Week, where Carl Heap did it again, pushing the Unlimited Diesel Truck record up to 272 mph with The Phoenix, now sporting front wing and long tail.
The master model is now almost finished and you can see a preview photo in the new model page. Model is due out at the end of October. The usual history page will be added soon.
Omicron #4 Thunderbird Turbine is no longer available as the whole production run has been sold.

(10 August 2003) - At long last, after a further delay, the decals for the new Omicron model #10, Glenn Leasher's Infinity jet car arrived and the model is now on sale.
Although released in the Omicron range, this model has been produced in close cooperation between Omicron and Ugo Fadini and it possesses most of the quality you expect from a Ugo Fadini model (see note under "6 June" below).
Minor corrections have been made to the history page.

(29 June 2003) - A photo of a pre-production sample has been added to the Omicron #10 Infinity jet car model page.

(22 June 2003) - A quick update to let you know that the sample mouldings for Omicron's Infinity jet car arrived and they are ok. The decals are also on the way so deliveries will definitely start in mid-July.
In the meantime new pages have been created for the model (a photo will be posted on the page as soon as the decals arrive and the first sample will be completed) and for the history of the real Infinity. If you find any mistakes or you can add any interesting details, you are most welcome to let me know. The Omicron range page has been updated with a couple of future releases that you may also want to check.

(6 June 2003) - Those of you who have been awaiting for Omicron's model of Glenn Leasher's ill-fated Infinity lsr jet car, may have been wondering what happened, since the master model was announced as ready for moulding back in Fabruary, with the release date announced for April.
Well, what followed will give you a fair example of how we work here and what you actually get for our ("way too high"??) prices.
You are probably aware that available documentation on this car is extremely limited: when Omicron's patron showed me his almost finished master model, he himself was not completely satisfied with it, but was not willing to work any more on a master that had already taken too much of his time. However, I was not sure it was a good idea to put out a model neither of us was happy with, so we agreed that I was going to carry on additional work on the master for as long as I judged worth. Which I did by reworking about 50% of the original master and this has delayed everything for three months: incidentally, this may give you an idea of how long it takes to make an accurate master model (see new Frequently Asked Questions page for more on this topic). The end result is much closer to a Ugo Fadini model than usual Omicrons, but will still be released in the Omicron range, as originally planned. Release date is now July 2003 and a history page will be posted as soon as I find the time to write it.
You may now pre-order this model if you want to be one of the first to have it!

Frequently Asked Questions page has been further updated.

(2 May 2003) - At long last, the Hill-Davis "City of Burbank" model is out and deliveries will begin monday 5 May: order now yours to be one of the first to get it! It is the first release in the new SPEEDONsalt range of early Bonneville racers, delivered in a new packaging and at a (relatively) fair price too. The series is the fruit of a cooperative effort, but this first model is based on a master model by Ugo Fadini, so you know what to expect in terms of quality. Even if you do not wish to buy the model, you may enjoy reading the story of this all important car, with photos and a list of records.

Another long-awaited model available at last is the Callahan-SanChez-Locasto Studebaker from TOM. Another important car that ran at Speed Week for several years: the model is of the 1961 version. As usual with Tom, delivery will be extremely slow, so please order now and then be patient: Tom has a full-time job and only builds models at night, whenever he has some spare energy!
A history page will be added later.

(11 February 2003) - Still alive! Sorry for not updating this site for quite some time, but a combination of family problems and production delays, plus the very sad note on which the year 2002 closed for the land speed record community, affected my schedule beyond control.
You will all be aware by now that the land speed record scene lost one of its front men, Don Vesco, who died of prostate cancer on Dicember 16. Don was (and remains) the holder of the "wheel-driven" LSR, but has also held the motorcycle LSR a number of times between 1970 and 1989, he has been a very successful motorcycle racer. Most of all, though, he has been the most prominent member of a family that has been regularly and successfully racing on the Slat Flats since the early fifties.
His untimely death (at just 63) was just the last in a series (Nolan White, Jim Feuling) that made 2002 one of the saddest years for the lsr community.

As to models, the situation is pretty much the same as before: the Hill-Davis (City of Burbank) 1952 streamliner, the first in the new SPEEDONsalt series of early and classic Bonneville cars (by Ugo Fadini & friends) is now at the moulding stage and will be definitely on sale in late February. A history page for this car will be posted soon.
The master model for Omicrons #10, Glenn Leasher's ill-fated Infinity jet car, as seen at Bonneville in 1962, is also ready and the release date should be April.
TOM's #3, the SanChez-Lobello Studebaker (Speed Week 1961) is out, but is still suffering teething problems, so deliveries are VERY slow. At least a photo should be posted soon in the TOM range page.
As to the Ugo Fadini range, I just started to work on The Phoenix and I hope to release it in june or july at the worst.

(24 October 2002) - Very, very sad news from the SCTA World Finals held last week on the Bonneville Salt Flats: Nolan White, one of the most well known Bonneville racers, died sunday morning from injuries suffered in a terrible accident he had thursday 17 October, when his Spirit of Autopower streamliner lost all the three parachutes at the end of a run at 422 mph, during an attempt at the FIA Class 11 record (the so-called "piston-engined" LSR).
The land speed racing community is mourning a true hero of hot-rodding, a Bonneville regular for over 40 years, one of the selected few men who ever traveled at over 400 mph on land, in fact the first one to do so, on a single run in 1990, on a wheel-driven vehicle in 25 years, since Bob Summers' 1965 record.
Last August at Speed Week Nolan White, who was 72, had set a new record for SCTA/BNI Class AA/BFS at 413.156 mph and was trying to back-up that record with a FIA International record when he had the accident at the World Finals.

Tributes to Nolan White have been posted on various web sites, to which you should connect for further details and photos:

For a detailed account and a list of record set at the World Finals, check www.landracing.com and www.scta-bni.org.

(17 August 2002) - First delivery of the Burkland streamliner model were to the Burkland family & team right in time for them to show around at Speed Week: see the pictures on the landracing.com web site (go to Aug 15 photos page).
Main news from Speed Week, regarding "my" cars, are that Nolan White took one of Al Teague's records, in AA/BFS, at 413.156 mph. This will undoubtedly cause some new discussion as to which is the fastest piston-engined vehicle. Check new page.
The worst news, from a fan's point of view, are that Al Teague officially announced that he drove his streamliner for the last time this year! I am sure I will not be the only one to be missing him!
Some good news from Carl Heap and his incredible diesel truck The Phoenix, which is the subject of my next model (scheduled for release in late 2002 or early 2003): he upped the record twice during the Week and the record now stands at 263.487 mph!!!

(4 August 2002) - At long last the Burkland 411 streamliner model is ready and available!!
First samples have been shipped to the Burklands who should have them on hand at Speed Week to show to racers and friends. Make sure you check with them!
The model page has been updated with new photos and there are now three pages online telling you the story of the 411 streamliner and the Burkland family's racing career on the Salt.

(16 July 2002) - First samples of the new Burkland streamliner model arrived. Photetched parts and decals are promised, so those of you who woill attend Speed Week should definitely be able to see the first samples of the finished model "live".
Photos of the model will be published here onthe web site as soon as ready, so check again soon!
While you wait, read the Burklands and their streamliner, on the new historical pages, with lots of photos and a detailed chronology to date.

(2 June 2002) - At long last the master model for the Burkland streamliner has been completed and has been shipped for moulding. The first samples should be back in July, when decals will also be ready. The model should now be ready for release in late July or early August, anyway in time for Speed Week where you will be able to see it, and eventually buy it!!
In the meantime you can see a (not so clear) picture of the master model here.
- the 2001 Wheel-Driven Land Speed Record version of the Team Vesco Turbinator is still on hold: very few people showed any real interest and that is very discouraging in view of the investment of over $2.000 (two thousands) necessary to have good quality decals printed (in offset) to allow the incredible air-brushed decoration to be reproduced with the necessary fine detail. You can still change the situation by letting me know of your interest.
- A new car has been added to the list of Ugo Fadini models to come: Norman "Wizard" Smith's LSR contender from Australia, known as the Fred H. Stewart Enterprise. Model has been on my suture models list for a long time but ducumentation has always been a problem. Now I have found quite a good photo archive and I am now able to plan a very accurate model of this lesser known, often confused with the very similar Golden Arrow. Photos can be found on the models to come page.
- Omicron's model of Romeo Palamides' Infinity jet car is delayed while we try to obtain the necessary documentation, which I very limited as far as published material. But it should still be released within the yesr 2002.
- Omicron is also working on a couple of other models which will be announced as soon as we figure out which one will come fIrst...
- Tom is still fighting to overcome the problems he encountered with the windows of his SanChez Studebaker. I still hope to have the first delivery in late June. Whatch this space!
- The production run of Ugo Fadini n 9 Fiat-Abarth 750 has been completed and the model is no longer available. You can still buy the 500 version, n 11.

(16 April 2002) - A quick round up of the situation sees no new models available yet...
In my own range the Burkland streamliner is still at the master model stage and will not be on sale before the end of June at the best. But definitely in time for next Speed Week!! The Phoenix diesel truck will follow.
As to the new "record" version of Team Vesco Turbinator, the project is still on hold, in view of the extremely high costs of the incredibly intricate decals that need to be designed and printed.
If you badly want this model to be released, PLEASE LET ME KNOW NOW!!! No obligation to buy, but I need to know if there is enough interest to justify the investment in the new decals!!
TOM #3, the SanChez Studebaker was actually ready, but windows had to be reworked for better fit so it will be at least another month before it becomes available.
Omicron #8, Rudolf Caracciola's Mercedes W25 "Rennlimousine" 1934 is in full production and is normally available from stock.
Work is well advanced on the next model, Romeo Palamides' Infinity, the jet car in which Gleenn Leasher lost his life in 1962. It was a brilliant project and a beautiful design, albeit ill fated, and fully deserves a place in our land speed record history in miniature! I am currebntly completing the research with assistance from fellow enthusiasts (as you know, published documents and photos on this car are very scarce!) and will help Omicron to produce the best possible model.
Please note that some models are being deleted from the Ugo Fadini and Omicron ranges.
Please check for models currently available.

(27 december 2001) - The Bonneville 1954 version of the Cooper streamliner is now available. Since it took longer than expected, the release date of the next model, the Burkland streamliner, has been changed to the early spring (end of March), with The Phoenix following in late june/july.
In the TOM line the long awaited SanChez Studebaker coupe should be available any day now. Production will be very slow as usual with this part-time model maker.
Big news for the new year are that the Omicron line of land speed record models is available again, after a gap of over one year. Except #1 all other models in the series are back in production, including a new addition, #8, Rudolf Caracciola's Mercedes W25 Rennlimousine 1934. More details will be found soon in the new Omicron page.

(19 October 2001) - !!! BREAKING NEWS - NEW WHEEL-DRIVEN LSR !!! - On October 18, during the World Finals organized by SCTA, Don Vesco broke the FIA International Record for turbine automobiles at around 458 MPH driving TeamVesco Turbinator. Check the details on the Landracing.com site.
Don Vesco has now become the holder of the so-called "wheel-driven land speed record".
Congratulations to Don and to Rick Vesco, the designer of Turbinator!
Ugo Fadini LSR Models offers the only existing model of the new wheel-driven LSr holder in its 1997 livery, released with the full backing of Team Vesco. An updated version with the current airbrushed color scheme is currently under study and may be available as soon as technical problems with printing the extremely intricated decals will be solved.

(25 September 2001) - as you probably heard, Tom Burkland had a bad accident last saturday at World of Speed: after being clocked at 432 mph in the last mile, for still unclear reasons the car went sideways while decelerating and rolled a few times over the salt. Fortunately Tom suffered only a brocken wrist and bruises all over his face, but the car was badly wrecked. Go to Landracing.com for more news.
Work on the master for the Burkland streamliner is progressing quickly and the models should be out definitely before Christmas.
Turbinatordid not run at World of Speed and should attempt the FIA wheel-driven record at the World Finals in October. Check the Landracing.com and SCTA/BNI sites for updates.

(10 September 2001) - I am back at work after another exciting Bonneville Speed Week, where Don Vesco did a one way run at 459 mph through the mile. No return run, so no record yet: the Vescos are saving the car for september when they will run under FIA sanction on the longer "international course", which will be used for the first time after many years of bad salt. Check the Team Vesco and USFRA sites in late september for news!
If and when Turbinator will set a new official FIA record for turbine vehicles (and consequently a new "wheel-driven" LSR), I will have new decals printed and will release the car in its new livery.
Results and photos from Speed Week on the SCTA/BNI and Landracing.com sites.
The Cooper model is almost ready and will be on sale in one or two weeks. In late September the master model for the Burkland streamliner will also be ready and the model should be available in late november.
As usual I took photos and measurements of some cars I plan to model in the future. The first to come is likely to be The Phoenix, Carl Heap's incredible diesel truck that just set a new SCTA/BNI record at 251 MPH during Speed Week! A most unusual vehicle, even by my standards.

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