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How to order and Price list

Only models that are currently in production are listed below.
For future releases please go to models to come
For models no longer available go to discontinued models

Key to availability (see right column below - updated 19 December 2014)
A      at least one available off-the-shelf
a      available to order: usually ready in 4/8 weeks from order (TOM models may take longer)
cna   currently not available (out of parts): more will be produced when enough orders are collected

range & cat. n. descriptionpriceavail.
Baymo (Fadini-built)Heishman BMW streamliner, World of Speed 1994euro 185.00 + shipping cna
Baymo (Fadini-built)Heishman BMW streamliner, Speed Week 1995euro 185.00 + shipping
SpeedOn so05Shadoff Spl, AAA/FIA International records 1954euro 205.00 + shipping cna
SpeedOn so04Shadoff Spl, SCTA Speed Week record 1954euro 205.00 + shipping cna
SpeedOn so03Hill-Davis Bob Estes Spl, SCTA+AAA Trials 1953euro 171.00 + shippinga
SpeedOn so02Hill-Davis Bob Estes Spl, FIA records 1952euro 171.00 + shippinga
SpeedOn so01Hill-Davis City of Burbank, Speed Week 1952euro 171.00 + shippinga
Fadini / Omicron 10Infinity jet car 1962euro 261.00 + shipping cna
Ugo Fadini 19Fiat-Abarth 750 Bertone, Torino 1956euro 205.00 + shippinga
Ugo Fadini 18The Phoenix diesel truck, Bonneville 2001euro 450.00 + shipping cna
Ugo Fadini 17Burkland streamliner, USFRA World of Speed 2000euro 252.00 + shipping cna
Ugo Fadini 16CCooper streamliner, Avus 1953euro 232.00 + shippinga
Ugo Fadini 16BCooper streamliner, Bonneville 1954euro 232.00 + shippinga
Ugo Fadini 16ACooper streamliner, Montlhéry 1951euro 215.00 + shippinga
Ugo Fadini 15Team Vesco Turbinator, 1997euro 252.00 + shipping cna
Ugo Fadini 14The Redhead, 1987 (Lattin & Gillette)euro 252.00 + shippinga
Ugo Fadini 13Hoffman Markley, 1992euro 252.00 + shippinga
Ugo Fadini 12Al Teague's Spirit of 76, 1991 (Speed-O-Motive)euro 252.00 + shippinga
Ugo Fadini 11Fiat-Abarth 500 Bertone, 1956euro 252.00 + shippinga
Omicron 11Mercedes W25 Rekordwagen 1934euro 205.00 + shippinga
TOM 6Summers Brothers streamliner 1963euro 199.00 + shippinga
TOM 5model to be announcedeuro tba + shipping-
TOM 4Lee Chapel's Tornado 1949euro 199.00 + shippingA
TOM 3Callahan-SanChez-Locasto Studebaker 1961euro 199.00 + shippingSOLD OUT
TOM 2Knot Farrington's T-Bird 1962euro 199.00 + shippinga
TOM 1Summers Brothers streamliner 1962euro 199.00 + shippinga

NOTE: Ugo Fadini # 1 to 10 and 12B, Omicron # 1 to 9 and 12 and TOM 3 are sold out and no longer available

The charges below are the exact cost of Poste Italiane Signed-for airmail / port recommandé
NO handling or packing charges added!

- Europe: 14.50 euro for 1 to 3 models, 21.00 euro for 4/6 models.
- the Americas and Asia: 20.00 euro for 1 to 3 models, 30.00 euro for 4/6 models.
- AUS and NZ: 27.00 euro for 1 to 3 models, 38.00 euro for 4/6 models.
- Express (5-day delivery): costs vary depending on destination and weight. Please inquire.
- Italy only: 9,00 euro by Pacco Ordinario for any number of models.

Prices shown are in euro and your card will be charged the total amount in euro.
To know how much this means in US $ or any other currency, please check the current exchange rate on a newspaper or
get an instant up-to-date currency conversion at http://www.xe.net/ucc/

If you want to send an order or you have any doubt or specific request please

send me an email

or write to:

Ugo Fadini
Via Storlato 19
35132 Padova, Italy
ph/fax +39.0498646202 (NEW number!)
cell +39.3406884564

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