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This is just a selected list of links to sites that are related to my models and the cars they reproduce or provide general information about Land Speed Record topics. Through the links you will find in those general info sites (at Roadsters.com, landracing.com and www.speedrecordclub.com in particular), you will reach most every other site of interest that deals with Land Speed racing.

In general I will not be listing sites of other LSR model makers: most are good friends and if you need their models I will be more than happy to get them for you - no surcharges! - and anyway you can find their sites through the main links below, like the Speed record Club.

OFFICIAL HOME PAGES FOR CARS I HAVE MODELLED (or plan - or had planned... - to model!)

Gus Gus streamliner - www.gusgus.it
Bonneville 2012 City of Burbank - bonneville2012.com
Al Teague's Spirit of 76 - www.alteague.com (site no longer online)
Hoffman-Markley streamliner - www.hoffmanmetal.com
Team Vesco Turbinator - www.teamvesco.com
The Phoenix Diesel Truck - www.phoenixdiesel.com (site no longer online)
Aussie Invader / Rosco McGlashan - www.aussieinvader.com
Spirit of America / Craig Breedlove - www.spiritofamerica.com (site no longer online)
Many other racers have their own home pages: you will find links to most of them through the sites below, Roadsters.com being the most comprehensive from this point of view.


SCTA/BNI (Southern California Racers Ass./ Bonneville Nationals) - www.scta-bni.org
USFRA (Utah Salt Flats Racing Association) - www.saltflats.com
The official sites of the two organizations that set up the race meetings at Bonneville (and also El Mirage for SCTA): the two sites provide all the information you may need and full coverage of racing activity, with results and photos.
DLRA (Dry Lakes Racers Australia) - www.dlra.org.au
The australian equivalent to SCTA and USFRA
F.I.A. - Federation Internationale de l'Automobile - www.fia.com
The International governing body. The link will take you directly to an index of downloadable documents with the official regulations and (partially updated) lists of World and International speed records.
Roadsters.com - roadsters.com/racing
This is mainly a very comprehensive link site, where you can easily find all the links to race teams, organizations and other sites of interests for LSR fans; also hosts some articles and photos. The link above is to the LSR section, but the site provides the same type of information for other types racing and high performance cars and bikes.
Landracing.com - www.landracing.com
A site wholly dedicated to land speed racing. Includes full reports with results, lots of photos, links etc. Also hosts racer home pages, live chats and a lot more.
Speed Record Club - www.speedrecordclub.com
The club you should all belong if you are interested in any type of speed records on land, sea and air, past and present! Based in England, the club organizes meetings, provides assistence for record attempts and publishes Fast Facts, a very informative newsletter (actually almost a magazine!) covering historical and current topics.
Bonneville Racing News - roadsters.com/brn
The only periodical dealing exclusively with Land Speed racing deserves a place in this short list. It is in newspaper format, so do not expect "art" quality photos, but you will get lots of information, full results etc.

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