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Don Vesco becomes undisputed holder of the "wheel-driven" LSR

On 18 October 2001 Don Vesco, driving Team Vesco Turbinator, set new FIA International records for turbine automobiles at 458.44390 MPH over the "flying" mile (and 737.39515 Km/H over the "flying" kilo).
This is of course the new (so-called) "wheel-driven land speed record" and will effectively end any discussions as to which is the fastest "automobile" (although outdated, please check an earlier article on the subject for more details), as Vesco's official speed (which is of course the average of two runs in opposite directions, which happened to be at a very similar speed, both over 458 MPH) was faster than any speed previously recorded by a wheel driven vehicle, be it a two-way official record, a one-way run or even an exit speed (with the exception of Vesco's own one-way run at Speed Week last august, which was fractionally faster).
Of course, Al Teague will still hold the fastest record for a piston engined automobile, and Bob Summers will remain the fastest with a non-supercharged piston engined automobile. The only name that will disappear from the books is that of Donald Campbell, who's record for turbine automobiles is the one that Vesco actually broke.
It is somewhat fitting that this should happen just a month after Donald Campbell had a proper funeral and burial, his body having been found and rescued from Lake Coniston 34 years after his fatal accident.
Don Vesco's achievement truly marks in a very symbolic way the end of an era.

So... now, who holds what??
(as of 18 october 2001)

The Facts

The consequences

(If you want to check my statements, you can find rules and records at the FIA and SCTA/BNI web sites.)

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